Tourism Promotion and Tourist Attraction

As an Okinawan tourism information hub, we provide a wide variety of tourist brochures and information on facilities in various areas of Okinawa Prefecture,
and also provide tourist information about Okinawa Prefecture.We have materials for educational trips, about MICE, etc.,
so for those planning travel, please feel free to contact us.

Expanding the Sale of Okinawan Products

For historical and geographical reasons, Okinawan products are extremely unique when compared to those of other prefectures.
At our office, in addition to sharing information on stores and fairs where Okinawan products can be purchased,
we also engage in the introduction and mediation of Okinawan products and the expansion of sales channels.
※Neither the Okinawan Prefectural Government, Osaka Office nor the Nagoya Information Center engage in the sale of Okinawan products at our offices.

About Stores and Events Where Okinawan Products can be Purchased

Attracting Businesses

Okinawa Prefecture's business environment provides strong support for corporate growth, it houses the nation's only special economic zone (preferential corporate tax system), has a young and abundant workforce, clean and convenient rental factories/offices, extensive corporate support, and an excellent living environment.
In addition, Okinawa is well positioned for business expansion into Asia, with major cities in Asia and markets of more than 2 billion people within four hours flying distance.

The Okinawa Prefectural Government, Osaka Office provides strong support for companies expanding into Okinawa from the stand point of "human resources" "business hubs" and "capital" which are essential for business development.
We also provide information on popular new styles of working such as "satellite offices" or "workcation".
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

[Expansion Support Examples]
Human resources: Providing information on recruitment, visiting support for schools/Hello Work (etc.)
Logistics: Provision of information on marine and air transportation and support for the utilization of international air distribution hubs
Real estate: Provision of information on rental offices, rental factories, business sites, and on-site inspection support
Grants: capital investment, employment, grant support for product development (etc.)
Special zones: Provision of information on special economic zones (preferential corporate tax system) in Okinawa Prefecture
Other: Provision of information on startups, proof-of-concept, workcation, etc.

What's New

For Information and Communications Companies, Please Look Here.

Okinawa International Logistics Hub

Okinawa Prefectures public and private sectors are working together to create the three pillars that will bring Okinawa to the forefront of modern industry. These pillars are the "Tourism and Resort Industry","Information and Communications Industry" and "Establishment an International Logistics Hub". The objective of establishing this hub is to contribute to not only to the development of Okinawa but also Japan and Asia by becoming a "21 Century Bankoku Shinryo (= Bridge of Nations).

Cooperation with Affiliate Organizations

We provide cooperation and support for various events such as general meetings of Kenjinkai (prefectural associations), Kyoyukai (social organizations for people originating from the same town, village, or island), Awamori Associations, Okinawa Fan Clubs, preforming arts groups, (etc.) active in western Japan, Tokai and Hokuriku regions, and events related to Okinawa hosted by those organizations. We also promote the attraction of Okinawa's products, tourism, and culture outside Okinawa Prefecture, promoting cooperation with projects implemented in Okinawa Prefecture, and providing information related to Okinawa. We are also cooperating and collaborating in support activities for organizations participating in high school baseball games and Ekiden (long-distance relay race) competitions held by Kenjinkai (prefectural associations).


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The Predecessor to the Okinawa Prefectural Government Osaka Office was the Okinawa Prefecture Products Sales Osaka Office established in 1926 (Taisho 15). Following the end of WWII under United States Military rule when the Okinawan Prefectural Citizen Government became the Gunto Government, it was at one point shut down. However in 1956 (Showa 31), the Government of the Ryukyu Islands began trade mediation services with trade mediators based in Osaka, and after organizational revisions and abolitions, in 1968 (Showa 43) it changed its name to the "Okinawa Prefectural Government Osaka Office" and has been engaged in projects such as expanding sales routes for prefectural products, attracting and advertising to tourists, and attracting businesses.